Puma Yu’s shares their Tom Yum Clams recipe in Local Palate

Puma Yu’s, founded by Pete Amadhanirundr and Ally Smith, shares their cherished Tom Yum Clams recipe in Local Palate. From its origins as a 2017 pop-up to its current brick-and-mortar presence in Athens, Georgia’s Southern Mill development, Puma Yu’s embodies a commitment to excellence and intentionality. Pete and Ally prioritize fair wages for staff and highlight local produce and wines from under-represented communities. For them, Puma Yu’s is a platform to share values, champion producers, and showcase the diversity of Thai cuisine. Pete’s inclusion of a curry on the menu reflects the restaurant’s ethos of celebrating cultural fusion and culinary richness. Through their offerings and hospitality, Pete and Ally invite diners to experience their passion and principles firsthand.