Dinner table at Puma Yu's, featured in Southern Living magazine

Puma Yu’s Named one of 15 Best Restaurants In Athens, Georgia by Southern Living

Tucked away in Athens, Georgia’s Southern Mill complex, Puma Yu’s has quickly become a local favorite, earning a spot among Southern Living’s 15 Best Restaurants. Since its launch in 2022 by Pete Amadhanirundr and Ally Smith, it’s been winning hearts with its Southeast Asian-inspired dishes and creative cocktails. Despite its small menu, every dish packs a punch, from the lightly fried Eggplant Agebitashi to the Sapelo clams with red curry butter. And don’t miss out on their simple yet satisfying chocolate mousse for dessert. Whether you’re chilling on the patio or cozying up inside, Puma Yu’s promises a good time with great food.