cocktail from Puma Yu's

Puma Yu’s cocktail program featured in’s “10 Trends That Defined How We Drank in 2023”

Puma Yu’s martini has made a splash in’s “10 Trends That Defined How We Drank in 2023,” signaling the rise of Southeast Asian cocktail culture. Among progressive bar programs introducing drinkers to a new flavor vocabulary, Puma Yu’s in Athens, Georgia, stands out with its innovative martini featuring calamansi, makrut lime, lemongrass, and Thai tea. This concoction exemplifies the restaurant’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing diverse ingredients, echoing a broader trend of Southeast Asian influence in the global cocktail scene. As drinkers seek new and exciting flavors, Puma Yu’s continues to lead the way, offering a taste of innovation and adventure with every sip.