Interior of Puma Yu's

Atlanta Journal Constitution profiles Puma Yu’s

Puma Yu’s, the brainchild of Pete Amadhanirundr and Ally Smith, takes center stage in a recent profile by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Nestled within Athens’ historic Southern Mill complex since August 2022, Puma Yu’s offers a unique fusion of a chic cocktail bar and a tantalizing Thai-inspired restaurant experience. With Pete, hailing from Thailand, at the helm of the kitchen, and Ally, a Virginia native, curating the wine and spirits program, the duo brings a wealth of culinary expertise honed through their tenure at various Athens establishments. Both alumni of the University of Georgia, their journey began at Grindhouse Killer Burgers in 2014, where their paths first crossed. Now, with Puma Yu’s situated in a redeveloped 1902 manufacturing site, Pete and Ally’s vision comes to life, blending tradition with innovation to create a dining destination unlike any other in Athens.